Notre Philosophie

Je navigue entre mes passions :
le 7ème art, les océans,
les montagnes et la nature.
Et j’aime à me retrouver à table, avec
de bons copains… et de bons vins !

Bienvenue et bonne visite

Paul Cardoso

Nos vins

Côtes de Castillon
des vins de caractères,
charnus, vineux…

Notre Terroir

Entre Saint Emilion et la Dordogne
Plaines et côteaux
charnus, vineux…


Paul and Florence CARDOSO have taken over the family farm since 1997. Aware of this long family heritage of wine-making traditions, however, they were able to provide a dynamic impulse, with judicious investments and a permanent objective that they live as a mission: to develop quality wines, marked by authenticity.

“Thanks to the diversity of their very specific terroir, they say, wine must follow this natural rule and have its character unlike any other….

”Convinced of the benefits of sustainable agriculture, they have long adopted a mode of agriculture that respects the environment and transmits knowledge.


The geographical area of the appellation is limited to the west by Saint-Emilion, to the south by the river Dordogne and to the east by the department of the Dordogne. The appellation consists of plains and hillsides, their altitude reaches and even exceeds 100 meters.


« Des vins de caractère »

voila ce que l’on sait faire !




The family property is located in Belvès de Castillon on the territory of « Grand Saint Emilionnais », and benefits from an excellent terroir conducive to the elaboration of wines of great quality.

Aware of this long heritage of wine-making traditions, Paul was able to bring a dynamic impulse, with judicious investments and a permanent objective that he saw as a mission: «To produce quality wines, full of authenticity».

It is a typical wine of the appellation Castillon – Côtes de Bordeaux with a majority of merlot for its roundness. Our wines, fruity when they are young, soften as they age leaving their roundness and lengths in the mouth.

Convinced of the benefits of sustainable agriculture, for the respect of the environment, we obtained the HVE certification (high environmental value)

Notre agenda Hiver/printemps 2021

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Château HAUT BEYNAT – Vignobles CARDOSO
2 Lartigue, 33350 Belvès-de-Castillon, France

05 57 47 92 76 ou 06 88 06 24 85